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Eurovision 2004 results

1: Ranking / Winning order
2: Flag and Country
3: Final Points

Eurovision Final 2004

01 Ukraine Eurovision 2004 UKRAINE 280
02 Serbia and Montenegro Eurovision 2004 SERBIA AND ... 263
03 Greece Eurovision 2004 GREECE 252
04 Turkey Eurovision 2004 TURKEY 195
05 Cyprus Eurovision 2004 CYPRUS 170
05 Sweden Eurovision 2004 SWEDEN 170
07 Albania Eurovision 2004 ALBANIA 106
08 Germany Eurovision 2004 GERMANY 93
09 Bosnia and Herzegovina Eurovision 2004 BOSNIA AND ... 91
10 Spain Eurovision 2004 SPAIN 87
11 Russia Eurovision 2004 RUSSIA 67
12 Croatia Eurovision 2004 CROATIA 50
12 Malta Eurovision 2004 MALTA 50
14 FYROM Eurovision 2004 FYROM 47
15 France Eurovision 2004 FRANCE 40
16 United Kingdom Eurovision 2004 UNITED KING... 29
17 Poland Eurovision 2004 POLAND 27
18 Romania Eurovision 2004 ROMANIA 18
19 Iceland Eurovision 2004 ICELAND 16
20 Netherlands Eurovision 2004 NETHERLANDS 11
21 Austria Eurovision 2004 AUSTRIA 9
22 Belgium Eurovision 2004 BELGIUM 7
22 Ireland Eurovision 2004 IRELAND 7
24 Norway Eurovision 2004 NORWAY 3

Eurovision Semifinal 2004

01 Serbia and Montenegro Eurovision 2004 SERBIA AND ... 263
02 Ukraine Eurovision 2004 UKRAINE 256
03 Greece Eurovision 2004 GREECE 238
04 Albania Eurovision 2004 ALBANIA 167
05 Cyprus Eurovision 2004 CYPRUS 149
06 Netherlands Eurovision 2004 NETHERLANDS 146
07 Bosnia and Herzegovina Eurovision 2004 BOSNIA AND ... 133
09 Croatia Eurovision 2004 CROATIA 72
10 FYROM Eurovision 2004 FYROM 71
11 Estonia Eurovision 2004 ESTONIA 57
11 Israel Eurovision 2004 ISRAEL 57
13 Denmark Eurovision 2004 DENMARK 56
14 Finland Eurovision 2004 FINLAND 51
15 Portugal Eurovision 2004 PORTUGAL 38
16 Lithuania Eurovision 2004 LITHUANIA 26
17 Latvia Eurovision 2004 LATVIA 23
18 Andorra Eurovision 2004 ANDORRA 12
19 Belarus Eurovision 2004 BELARUS 10
19 Monaco Eurovision 2004 MONACO 10
22 Slovenia Eurovision 2004 SLOVENIA 0
22 Switzerland Eurovision 2004 SWITZERLAND 0

David D'Or

David D'Or: Press Information

David D’Or is a name that the music world is becoming more and more familiar with. D’Or’s ability to fascinate and stun with his remarkably flexible and powerful countertenor voice, while simultaneously conveying a down-to-earth feeling with his pleasingly frank demeanor, is a combination that sends audiences all over the world to their feet time after time.
Israel, in 2002, named David D’Or, “Singer of the Year” as well as bestowing upon him the award for “Best Vocal Performer”. While D’Or has yet to release a classical music album (coming soon!), of his six recorded albums, all have gone Platinum and Gold. David’s latest Album: “David D’Or and the Philharmonic” (live) was published in Apr. 2003 and received best reviews from all critics.
In November 2003, the IBA, the Israeli TV company, have decided that David D'Or shall represent Israel in the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest.

Among the international orchestras he has performed with are: The Israeli Philharmonic, the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, the Rome Philharmonic and the Budapest Philharmonic. D’Or performed with the London Symphony in Trafalgar Square for 55,000 people in 2002. Among the conductors he has worked with are Zubin Mehta, Sergio Comissiona, Gary Bertini and many other Israeli conductors including Rafi Kadishzon, Eli Yafe and Yaron Gotfrid.

Born in Israel to a traditional Jewish family, David D’Or was exposed to singing from an early age, and participated with great interest in the family tradition. In 1986 D'Or served in the Israeli army, enlisted in a military artistic group, and worked closely with Israel's most talented musicians and directors.
At the time of his release from the army, D’Or was invited by the Israeli National Theater "Habima" to be a part of the cast in various performances, among them "Blood Wedding" by García Lorca, directed by Channan Shir; "Cabaret", directed by Jerome Svary; "Tartiff", directed by Robert Stroah, music by Gaya Kenchelli; and "Cry the Beloved Country", music by Kurt Weill. David stayed with the National Theater of Israel for four years.

In 1991, D’Or was accepted into the Jerusalem Academy of Music. During his studies, Zubin Mehta invited him to be his soloist for a tour of Carmina Burana, performed in concert halls all over Israel. David will perform again in Carmina Burana with Zubin Mehta and the Israeli Philharmonic in July 2004.
Not forgetting his strong traditions, D’Or has always been drawn to ethnic music, an interest that led him to produce his first album with the group Natural Choice, comprised of ethnic musicians, in 1995. That same year, David D’Or received an invitation from the Vatican to perform for the Pope. (D’Or has been invited to return to the Vatican in 2003.) His concert integrated original ethnic music with European classics. The concert was a huge success and received numerous reviews in many European newspapers and TV interviews.

Following that concert, David has been invited to many performances throughout Italy, appearing on many TV shows such as Mauricio Constenzo, on Channel 1, and Paulo Limiti, on Channel 2. The Italian press, such as Corriere della Sera and La Repubblica received David very affectionately, and as a result David is often invited to return to Italy.

David has since been touring the USA's major cities as well, such as Washington D.C., Los Angeles, Toledo, New Jersey and Memphis, where he received high praises from the local newspapers.

David tours regularly in Italy, Turkey and most recently Sweden, where he recorded music for a show under the direction of the Swedish National Theater.

In 1997, The Ra'anana Symphony Orchestra commissioned an original work, specially written for David D’Or, called The Children of God. The music is comprised of sentences appearing in 3 world religions - the Jewish, the Moslem and the Christian faiths -, emphasizing the message: 'love your neighbour'. The work was composed by the famous Georgian composer, Josef Bardanashvilly, and consequently opened a greatly successful series of concerts of the orchestra in Israel and throughout the US.

David D'or's concerts are much in demand all over the world and he continues touring and performing in Israel, Europe and the US.

David D’Or’s Reviews

Yediot Achronot / Opera (Apr. 2003)
(About David D’Or & The Philharmonic)
"This is the most exciting event of "Different Classics" Guest Program of the Philharmonic, David D’Or, excelled not only with his fantastic counter tenor voice, but also with the musical arrangements of Rafi Kadishzon, who brought this evening to ecstasy. D'Or surprised with his classics such as Agnus Dei / Back, Orfeo, Let Me Cry / Reinaldo, the CD from this performance is really moving, and also includes David's version of Jaques Brel’s '20 years love', 'Watch The World Child, 'A Voice From Heaven, and 'Phantom of the Opera' in a most exciting performance. All in all, this is a very moving CD. "

Maariv (about "Cry the Beloved Country) - "D'or's outstanding voice is meant for great parts. His voice and presence embraces the audience, who showed their appreciation by a lengthy standing ovation".

Maariv (about Carmina Burana) - "David D’Or was a charming and outstanding musical swan, his performance was most impressive".

Yediot Achronot (about Carmina Burana) - "David D’Or is a contra tenor with tone, colour and exceptional style well beyond other soloists".

Maariv - (about D'or's albums) "A lonely island in the sea of trade".

Yediot Achronot - (about the albums) "D'or's voice reaches the heights of gods and angels. His singing is pure and full of refined feelings".

Chadashot National Daily - "This singer has a unique and blessed voice.”

Maariv - (about David and the Natural Choice album) "The Duet of David and Shlomo is wonderful and stunning. David has a voice from Heaven and Earth".

Washington Post - (about David’s USA tour) "D'or's performance was stunning, magnificent and not to be missed!"

"David D'Or": Beautiful production, simply perfect. This singer has down his throat millions of tiny diamonds. The sound is impressive and overall, "David D’Or" is a very good album. "Haa'retz" - Amit Shoham, April 1992.

An angelic timbre in an age in which it seems that a good voice is not particularly necessary to be a singer, David D'Or comes along and reminds anyone who had forgotten that not only can things be different, they need to be different. Simply put, D'Or sings beautifully and knows how to choose songs that fit his unique voice. Not limiting him to a classical repertoire that would satisfy his voice teacher, he performs songs from the world of Rock, Pop and Dance as well.
One has to credit him for fulfilling his mission with bravura; his voice on stage sounds as good and convincing as it does in the recording studio.
The wide variety of styles that he incorporates in his music, along with his superb vocal ability, allows him to appeal to adults and youths alike.
22.10.93 - "GLOBUS" , Yoram Bolem

In 1991, David D'Or released his first album "David D'Or" which produced hits that included "Yad Anuga" (Gentle Hand) and Kol MeHaShamayim" (Voice from Heaven). Yad Anuga reached number three in the most frequently played charts in Great Britain.
In 1993, David released his album "Begovah Mishtane" (At Varying Altitude). Both albums went gold.
The collaboration with the ethnic group "Habrira Hativit" in 1995 for a most successful soulful show was followed by a record produced together "David & Shlomo".


(About Carmina Burana) - "David D'Or went to the unheard-of lengths of memorizing his one solo "Olim Lacus Colueram" the song of the roasted swan (???), and avoided the usual strangulated sound by singing its highest passages in a sweet falsetto. - "Music Review" by Judith Green - Special for the Sun.

L'abbazia cistercense apre per la prima volta le porte ad un concerto, stasera, con l'israeliano David D'Or - Una voce biance canta a Casamari.
Carlo Moretti - La Repubblica - 15 Sept. 1995

Week of Music, Curator: Netta Frister-Aaron
Sunday, February 10, 2002
Concert "Over Four Octaves". Israeli Sephardic Vocalist David D'Or and his band. M10- 1600
A musical journey from the baroque to liturgical classical - from both the Ashkenazi and Sephardic traditions - to ethnic music of our time.

David D´Or is a versatile singer. His phenomenal voice has a range of four octaves.
D'Or is schooled in classical singing and has performed with world famous conductors (such as Zubin Mehta, Gary Bertini and Sergiu Comissiona) and orchestras (Rome Philharmonic Orchestra, and the Philharmonic Orchestras of Israel, London and Baltimore). D'Or has performed all over the world, including liturgical festivals, and has a standing invitation to sing in the Vatican. He received five Han platinum-records, among them his latest album "Baneshama" (Into the soul). Recently, he was awarded the Tamuz prize (Israeli TV's greatest music award) as Singer of the Year.
The Asian Age, India says: "The audience was held spellbound by the artist who managed to prove that music is indeed a bond that reaches beyond language and culture."

Eurovision 2004 Israel Israel 2004

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